Family Values Award

Dec 13, 2021

With all of the negative reporting with which we are inundated, it is refreshing to
report on a wonderfully positive and uplifting and heart-warming story that is
taking place daily in our Riverside community.

Two inspiring women in Riverside were awarded November 6 for their lengthy
and vitally important selfless service in supporting the families of our
neighborhoods. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Riverside Stake
awarded these fine ladies the Family Values Award at a special dinner and
program with dozens in attendance. Owen Gunnell masterfully favored us with
prelude music on the piano while guests mingled before the start of the evening.
The Landon and Judy Dean family sang “Love at Home” and “So long, Farewell”
and delighted those in attendance with their wonderful performance.

Pastor Brenda Wood of the Word of Life church and Sandy Ramirez of the
Riverside Life Services were presented with certificates of congratulations from
Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson and the Riverside California Stake President of the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Joseph Caldwell. They were also
presented with copies of their family history and beautiful The Family Circle
porcelain statues.

Sandy Ramirez and Pastor Brenda Wood were both honored for their decades of
long service in our town. They have been involved in everything from PTA
leadership to Prayer circles on the steps of our capitol building…from saving the
lives of unborn children to saving spiritual lives of those in her congregation…from
raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for education needs in our community to
raising awareness of the importance of following Jesus Christ in our journey on
Earth. These remarkable ladies have devoted their lives to increasing the quality
of families in Riverside for dozens of years and we are blessed as a community to
enjoy the fruits of their labors.

It is a pleasure to honor these lovely, selfless and inspiring women and we feel so
grateful to have them contributing their talents and time and energy to benefit
the families in Riverside.



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